I’m a mom of two, although I like to say there are actually three of them – we call the third one daddy. Together we made it through all of the stages of children’s and parenthood development. We got a little stuck in the period of defiance where we encountered an educational problem. At this point of the stage of the parenthood development a psychologist recommended spoken stories aimed on the negativistic behavior of the child, which proved to be a huge help. These particular stories were later turned into a book.

I am the author of the book A SMILE for good night – Love, humanity, respect, decency vs. DEFIANCE, which helped us to overcome the period of defiance with a smile and free us from the bossy behavior of children. In this book I carefully incorporated my knowledge that I gained during my university studies of pedagogy and psychology, as well as the know-how from the school of life. I believe that my book will be welcomed by the parents who like to spend the time before going to sleep reading bedtime stories to their children and will also appreciate the educational element of these stories.




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